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Resources: Our Mission

Here is a little collection of books I highly recommend for parents to improve their relationship with their children.

Resources: Text
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Dr. Dan Siegel

"Neural integration – the linkage among differentiated aspects of the brain – allows for flexibility and adaptability, and expresses itself outwardly as harmony, kindness and compassion." Daniel Siegel

Dr. Tyna Bryson

Tina Bryson’s specialty is the developing brain, but she has spoken and taught on virtually every possible topic related to raising and educating children who thrive.

Dr. Mona Delahoke

"When we begin to understand the biology beneath the behavior, we give our children the resources they need to grow and thrive—and we give ourselves the gift of a happier, more connected relationship with them." Mona Delahoke

Resources: Services
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Circle of Security

Sensory Processing Health

Dr. Stephen Porges

Resources: Services
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